Vaginal Tightening & Rejuvenation

By Celeb Beauty Clinic

What is Vaginal Tightening & Rejuvenation?

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What does the procedure involve?

A solution is applied to teeth, before a plastic mouthpiece is inserted. An intense light will then be directed at teeth, designed to reduce yellow staining and return teeth to their earlier, natural colour.

How Long A Session Last?

Including the consultation to check suitability for treatment, the session should last approximately 60 minutes.

Why are we better than others?

Teeth whitening can be very harmful if cheap inferior products are used or if the technician is not fully trained or experienced. We are using a Trademarked and quality approved product which is 100% safe – it does not change or damage the structure of your teeth. Years of experience and a product that has satisfied millions of customers explains why people, including dentists, come to us for our advice, products and services.

Are there any Side Effects?

For many years, scientists have proven that there are no side effects, some people may experience a slight sensitivity for a couple of hours after the treatment.

Will it Hurt?

No pain at all; very few may experience minor sensitivity for a few hours after the treatment. A chance of high sensitivity is very slim and will subside after a few hours.

How Many Sessions Will i need

You will start seeing visibly clear results and white teeth after the first session, but depending on how coloured the teeth is we usually recommend 3 Sessions Spread over a period of time.
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